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Automated Reporting @ Scale
Full Scope 3
Product Declarations

Target Achievement
Sustainable Procurement

Product Design

Multi Criteria Decision Analysis
Compliance, Cost
Environment, Health, Safety
Nutrition, Risk

PLM/ERP Integration
CAD Integration

Supply Chain Resilience

Supplier Mapping
Deep-tier Discovery
Risk Assessment

Risk Mitigation
Alternative Suppliers

Data and Technology to analyze and improve Products



Highly scalable software platform hosted in the Cloud delivering real-time services 

50+ Analytics Applications

Analyze products across the areas of sustainability, costing, compliance, EHS and supply chain risk

Domain Experts

Expert services & domain support by industry specialists with combined industry experience of 50+ years 


Enterprise Integrations

Integrations with ERP, PLM, PDM and CAD Systems via open API. 10+ Default Importers

AI Mapping Engine

Instant product insights via proprietary mapping engine powered by AI, Machine Learning and Graph Data Models

140+ Integrated Data Sources

Access the worlds largest product database

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Our customers said

“[With Makersite] We are efficiently scaling up our LCAs so our engineers can focus on designing the best and most sustainable products instead of only focusing on disclosures.”

Kelly Stumbaugh, Snr Manager, Microsoft

“Schaeffler will operate on a climate-neutral basis along the entire value-added chain from the year 2040. By teaming up with Makersite, Schaeffler can run ad-hoc automated analyses of environmental impacts from various supply chains in scope, e.g. for use of materials. Together, we are able to compare different product scenarios from a sustainability perspective”

Dr. Michael Kobes, Schaeffler

“Now (with Makersite) we can map the carbon footprint of our packaging and ingredients to every SKU – previously our emissions profile was nowhere near this granular. We also have the ability to model the emissions impact of decisions we could take before we actually take them, which has helped speed up our decision-making and will prove to be extremely valuable as we find new ways to reduce GHG emissions whilst Pukka grows.”

Eleanor Jeffrey, Sustainability Manager, Pukka Herbs

“Makersite is an easy and quick way to evaluate impact, cost and risks of making products. I truly believe this is the way forward; more transparency, collaboration and sharing of knowledge. To work in isolated silos simply doesn’t make any sense at all”

Johanna Tunlid, Above

“A Groundbreaking Digital Platform […] The first of its kind [that] allows users to map carbon footprints and assess environmental impacts at different stages of the value chain.”

Sustainable Brands

“A broader use of high quality Life Cycle Inventory data benefits everyone.
We look forward to this innovative partnership.”

Niels Jungbluth, ESU Services

“The most integral supply chain tool imaginable, and still with an understandable user experience.”

Joost Walterbos, Hedgehog Company

“Mission driven data analytics & dedication to better products […]
With Makersite you’re an asset to the Forum network.”

Forum for the Future

“Makersite means faster, distributed collaboration for procurement professionals”

Jon Hansen, Procurement Insights

“A product like this is the way of the future.
The use of real-time data and cloud-based systems is something that is new and innovative for supply chain management.”

Environment Leaders Awards 2019

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