Enterprise digital twins for better products and supply chains

Solve these Enterprise Challenges 

With Digital Twins to help you make complex decisions at scale


Automated Reporting @ Scale
Full Scope 3
Product Declarations

Target Achievement
Sustainable Procurement

Product Design

Multi Criteria Decision Analysis
Compliance, Cost
Environment, Health, Safety
Nutrition, Risk

PLM/ERP Integration
CAD Integration

Supply Chain Resilience

Supplier Mapping
Deep-tier Discovery
Risk Assessment

Risk Mitigation
Alternative Suppliers

Data and Technology to analyze and improve Products



Highly scalable software platform hosted in the Cloud delivering real-time services 

50+ Analytics Applications

Analyze products across the areas of sustainability, costing, compliance, EHS and supply chain risk

Domain Experts

Expert services & domain support by industry specialists with combined industry experience of 50+ years 


Enterprise Integrations

Integrations with ERP, PLM, PDM and CAD Systems via open API. 10+ Default Importers

AI Mapping Engine

Instant product insights via proprietary mapping engine powered by AI, Machine Learning and Graph Data Models

140+ Integrated Data Sources

Access the worlds largest product database

An award-winning company

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