Forrester Study: How To Transform Product Sustainability Into Performance Initiatives

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AI-enabled ecodesign

Know the lifecycle impact of your decisions, when designing products

Use Makersite’s product data models to make smarter design, material and sourcing decisions throughout your product development process.

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Less than 1% of new products consider sustainability in their design – Ecodesign shouldn’t have to be hard, or an afterthought.
That’s why Makersite makes it easy for you to make better decision choices with the data you need – at the product development stage.

Insights delivered at the development stage

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Key features of Makersite’s AI-enabled ecodesign dashboard

Make better decisions based on multiple criteria

Support decision-making with clear and actionable insights considering multiple criteria like carbon and cost simultaneously.

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See into the deep-tiers of your supply chain

Use activity-based modeling to simulate any products entire lifecycle. Makersite’s recommendation engine will help you fill material, supplier and process gaps and complete your models accurately and quickly.

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Spend less time on disclosures

Export our visualizations and data for use in your reports, internal systems, offline calculations or presentations. Share interactive LCA data with your customers and stakeholders directly from Makersite or publish limited results, e.g., footprints for the public.

Intelligent reporting

“[With Makersite] we are efficiently scaling up our LCAs so our engineers can focus on designing the best and most sustainable products instead of only focusing on disclosures.“

Kelly Stumbaugh, Microsoft

Kelly Stumbaugh

Director Devices, Ecodesign, Ecolabels, and Carbon Emissions at Microsoft

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