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AI-Enabled Product Lifecycle Intelligence

Your product data enriched with global material, process and supply chain intelligence

Harness the power of AI to provide your manufacturing business with total insight into your supply chain and provide decision-making support into every phase of product development.

So what is Product Lifecycle Intelligence (PLI)?

Is it another product lifecycle management platform?

The short answer is no.

PLI is the intelligence layer that merges vast data sets from PLM, ERP and CAD with external databases, creating detailed digital models of products and their materials, processes and suppliers to provide total insight throughout a products lifecycle.

With Product Lifecycle Intelligence (PLI) product engineers can make the most of data held within their systems, creating products that are more sustainable, have faster time-to-market, and reap higher profits.

As the next step on from current Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) capabilities, PLI allows businesses to apply AI and automation to help PLM users make smarter, greener decisions powered by the deepest understanding of their supply chain.

PLI helps users to extract actionable insights and identify areas for improvement, providing a data-driven approach to areas across sustainability, cost and regulatory compliance. With Makersite’s AI-enabled LCAs, you can build a complete picture of your entire product portfolio in under a minute.

How does Product Lifecycle Intelligence work?



your data

Makersite connects to your CAD, ERP, and PLM systems to import bill of material or product files in multiple formats

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your product data

With AI and graph technology, Makersite maps and enriches your product data with materials, substances, and supply chain information sourced directly from our extensive database

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making decisions

Our digital twin product model allows you to analyze, improve, and report on sustainability, compliance, and cost. Decide on alternative materials to reduce impacts and risk and view your product’s entire lifecycle

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What does PLI enable you to do?

Automate and Scale Product LCAs

Use activity-based modeling to simulate any product or service’s entire life cycle. Makersite’s recommendation engine will help you fill gaps and complete your models correctly and quickly.

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Deep-dive into your supply chain for granular insights

With Makersite, enterprise manufacturers can use an automated, verified and scalable process to report and track Scope 3 emissions down to every purchased part and material.

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Build products with ecodesign principles

Use Makersite’s product data models to make smarter design, material and sourcing decisions throughout your product development process.

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Product Lifecycle Intelligence is ideal for businesses aiming to

Optimize across multi-criteria

Refine their product portfolio using in-depth insights that encompass environmental impact, compliance, and should-costing.

Mitigate supply chain hurdles

Adopt a proactive stance to manage and reduce supply chain risks, bolstered by AI-driven guidance.

Collaborate across functions

Centralize experts, engineers, and procurement specialists in a singular platform, catalyzing sustainable product development process.

Innovate & Compete

Stay compliant, predict market trends, and uphold ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices.

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public and private data sources brought together into one platform


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