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Our Community Guidelines

We aim to have a productive, curious and agile community that welcomes new ideas in a complex field. We’ve put together some guiding principle to foster collaboration between groups with different skill sets and know-how, and to make sure everyone enjoys and benefits from being part of the community. These principles are intended to provide guidance and complement the User Agreement governing your use of, and participation in, Makersite. By using this site and getting involved, you agree to following:

  • We take provide in knowledge. We apply scientific rigor and pay attention to detail. People will rely on your work. And we in turn will depend on the work of others. It’s not ok to knowingly submit false, sloppy, or inaccurate data. Any contribution we make will affect users and colleagues, so we take that into consideration when we contribute data.
  • We’re professional. We encourage discussions around science and data. It is not okay to use Makersite to send unsolicited communicates to people (e.g, self-promotion, junk mail, spam, chain letters, phishing schemes, personal abuse). .
  • We’re helpful. It’s ok to ask for help when unsure. Nobody is expected to be perfect here. Those who are asked should be responsive and helpful. Questions may be directed to the appropriate site or person.
  • We respect rights and follow the law. We do no use Makersite for illegal activities or to violate the rights of others, We don’t use Makersite to commit fraud or use someone else’s copyrighted works, trademarks, private information, or trade secrets.

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