Customer Facing Engineer

Makersite is an intelligent data platform that empowers teams to manage product sustainability, cost, and compliance at the same time, from a web browser.

Join us and make a difference!

At Makersite, we want to help product companies to make better decisions and create more sustainable products through data-driven analysis.

That is why we are searching for a Customer Facing Engineer (CFEs) to understand our customers’ greatest pain points and design end-to-end solutions to address them. As a CFE, you will leverage everything around you: Makersite products, open-source technologies and anything you and your team can build to drive real impact.


Responsibilities include:

  • Lead the way in developing a solution from high-level system design and prototyping to application development and data integration.
  • Deliver novel technical solutions to solve our hardest customers’ problems.
  • Improve our products over time through fast iteration cycles, based on customers’ and colleagues’ feedback.
  • Work to accommodate all aspects of an environment to drive real technical outcomes for our customers

Your skills:

  • Strong engineering background in fields such as Computer Science, Mathematics, Software Engineering, Physics.
  • Familiarity with data structures, storage systems, cloud infrastructure, front-end frameworks, and other technical tools.
  • Understanding of how technical decisions impact the use of what you’re building.
  • Proficiency in programming languages such as Python, Java, JavaScript, or similar languages.
  • Ability to work effectively in teams of technical and non-technical individuals.
  • Skill and comfort working in a rapidly changing environment with dynamic objectives and iteration with users.

Technologies used at Makersite:

  • Core Makersite products provide the foundations for our solutions
  • Custom applications built on top of core Makersite products
  • AngularJS for our web technologies
  • Python and Java for our back-end applications, and data integration tools
  • Distributed data storage, graph technologies, and parallel computing
  • Cloud infrastructure based on AWS

The perks:

  • Competitive salary
  • An international and passionate team
  • International customers
  • Various missions with different challenges depending on the industry, location, and specifics of the customer
  • Insights into the complex web of companies and institutions that are involved in buying, making and selling physical products