Forrester Study: How To Transform Product Sustainability Into Performance Initiatives

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Taking sustainability commitments to the next level

Discover how multi-tier mapping facilitates the screening of risks and opportunities throughout the supply chain and the identification of better alternatives.

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Key Points

Use Case:



Sustainability, Supply Chain




  • Lack of supply chain visibility beyond Tier 1
  • Difficulty to identify ethical alternatives in the supply chain
  • Slow life cycle assessment process


  • Clear supply chain visualization beyond Tier 1
  • Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis tool to compare alternatives across criteria like cost, environmental footprint, compliance, safety, and more
  • Live and dynamic visualizations to quickly test and review options
  • “Spotified” access to the largest inventory of LCA data in the cloud
  • Full integration with existing internal and external data repositories and programs
  • Secure online platform – easy to access and easy to use


  • Creation of an accurate baseline to monitor future improvements
  • Complete mapping of the entire supply chain in 2 days
  • Data-backed insights and dynamic views for rapid and informed decision making
  • Fast LCAs that can be used to drive product improvement
  • Short integration time and fast ownership of the solution

Making the right decision isn’t always easy

Most of the companies now understand the urge to move toward more sustainable product development methods, whether it is for compliance, environment preservation or simply to meet the increasing demand for environmental-friendly solutions. However, the increasing complexity of modern products makes it hard to ensure transparent and sustainable operations throughout the supply chain.

Our client, an international cosmetic company, is one of the pioneers of this movement and clearly stated their commitment to transparent, vegan, cruelty-free, and sustainable products through their activity. Always on the look for improvements, they contacted us to help them take their sustainability and ethical commitments to the next level.From efficient supply chain management to enhanced supplier collaboration and fast life cycle analyses (LCA), this is how we helped our client to integrate transparency at the core of their supply chain, and to identify better, more sustainable alternatives when needed.


Multi-tier mapping, AI-powered suggestion engine and Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis

Instead of mapping the supply chain through manual data collection and time-intensive interaction with suppliers, Makersite uses cutting edge software and data to automatically create a digital twin of a product.

With our comprehensive product data and supply chain coverage, teams can easily import their product Bill of Materials (BOM) on the platform to automatically build a complete model of the supply chain. This way, teams can access a complete albeit generic picture of their supply chain beyond Tier 1, deliver results faster, and understand sourcing, regulatory and sustainability implications of their lower-tier suppliers. They can then quickly improve the model by focusing with the right questions on identified hotspots to progressively build transparency from Tier 1 and beyond.

Once the product and its supply chain are fully modeled and enriched with the company and Makersite’s data, it only takes a couple of hours to establish a complete Scope 3 baseline that enables them to track progress and improve on reporting. Even when starting with a minimal amount of information, the platform aggregates more and more data as they come to automatically refine the models. Thanks to our extended LCA data (based on databases like ecoinvent, Agribalyze, USDA, etc…), our clients were able to perform full LCAs and Scope 3 assessments in minutes. The clever visualization, the simple interface, and the level of detail available makes it easy to gather insights in record time. In parallel, our AI-powered suggestion engine highlights relevant alternatives, while our Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) tool allows our client to compare alternatives across criteria such as cost, compliance, sustainability and more.

Transparent supply chain and actionable insights

Making better decisions, faster

Our client was able to quickly identify alternatives in the supply chain and balance options against multiple criteria like cost, compliance, and sustainability to make the best decision possible.

Reduced analyses time

Our client reduced the time of product performance analyses like LCAs from months to minutes, giving them the opportunity to improve their products from the design phase.

Complete transparency

In 2 days, our client was able to build a complete model of their supply chain. We provided a clear visualization of the risks and opportunities in the supply chain beyond Tier 1, as well as solid bases for Scope 3 analyses.