Wolters Kluwer Enablon and Makersite announce strategic collaboration:

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Autodesk partnership bringing sustainability into product design

In a new partnership with Autodesk, the leader in product design software, Makersite combines environmental impact and cost data with Autodesk Fusion 360’s product design data.

Product design

Companies are setting ambitious sustainability goals at high levels, sometimes as required by policy, but increasingly due to customer demand and as a source of competitive differentiation. The data that drives achieving those goals are often in disparate systems throughout the organization. We’re connecting relevant LCA data to the Fusion design workspace to help manufacturers meet their important sustainability goals.

Stephen Hooper

Autodesk Vice President & General Manager, Fusion 360

It’s Autodesk’s intent to make designing for sustainability easily accessible, and ultimately intuitive, to product designers. By partnering with Makersite, we’ve created a holistic workflow within Fusion that provides insights into sustainable design directly within the design environment. Data-driven analysis from Makersite will enable manufacturers to make better decisions about creating safer, more sustainable products.

Zoé Bezpalko

Autodesk Senior Design and Manufacturing Sustainability Manager

“Eco-design is only feasible when designers have data about the sustainability of their product and its compliance, costing, environmental, health, and safety criteria. By integrating our data, AI and calculation engines into Fusion, product designers are provided with clear and actionable insights so they can decide how to make their designs more sustainable.” 

Neil D'Souza

Neil D’Souza

Makersite Founder and CEO


Exciting news for the product design world: In our new partnership with Autodesk, the leader in product design software, Makersite combines environmental impact and cost data with Autodesk Fusion 360’s product design data.

Sustainability begins at the heart of the product: its design phase. Still, less than 1% of products have sustainability as a design parameter. Even though the wish for sustainable products grows and emission regulations worldwide are becoming more and more, incorporating sustainability at the design level has been a challenge for most product designers in the past. Our partnership with Autodesk is aiming to change this. 

The new Fusion 360 plug-in features

With the new Makersite plug-in, product designers can instantly calculate the environmental and cost impacts of their design at the push of a button. With access to more than 300 materials, cost, and sustainability insights, designs can be evaluated for more than 50 criteria such as compliance, risk, health, safety, and, of course, sustainability in real-time.

Decreased time to market without sustainability experts

With this ground-breaking approach, product designers will no longer depend on experts or consultancies to design sustainable products. Instead, enterprise manufacturers will be able to use their own material masters and procurement data to enable teams to work toward sustainability goals led by design. This integration will enable more sustainable and successful designs, eliminate duplicative efforts and decrease time to market.

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