Forrester Study: How To Transform Product Sustainability Into Performance Initiatives

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Makersite powers fast LCAs for Einhorn 

Discover how to perform complete fast and in-depth LCAs, in seconds rather than months.

Consumer goods and electronicsSustainability

Key Points

Use Case:





Consumer Packaged Goods


  • Small structure, obsolete tools


  • BOM-centered approach for fast and precise LCAs
  • Live and dynamic visualizations and reports
  • “Spotified” access to live data feeds from thousands of data sources
  • Secure online platform – easy to access and easy to use


  • LCA process time was reduced from months to minutes
  • Reliable analyses with over 90% accuracy
  • Short integration time and fast ownership of the solution

LCAs don’t have to last for ages

Einhorn, a German personal care product company, came to us with a question: how could they be sure that their products are as sustainable as can be? For this environmentally-conscious brand it is crucial to be able to find the best alternative, fast. However, current assessment methods are slow, and their one-man sustainability team was stuck with outdated tools and disconnected, obsolete data and high expectations.

A single subscription for accurate and fast analyses, from a BOM

For the first time, Makersite gathered thousands of trusted data sources like ecoinvent, Agribalyze or Digital Commons to build the largest product reference database in the Cloud, harmonized and ready to use for PEF. Thanks to its unique architecture, the platform can access millions of data points, perform fast LCAs and provide suggestions to improve product sustainability, with only one subscription.

The integration of Makersite enabled Einhorn to conduct fully automated BOM-driven process for LCA without any manual work. Makersite starts with a Bill Of Materials (BOM), the document that reflects the unique structure of any manufactured product. After importing the BOM on the platform with a simple drag and drop, the document is decomposed, and each “leaf” of the document is mapped to live data feeds from thousands of data sources worldwide. The system then calculates the environmental footprint of the product based on its structure, manufacturing process as well as its raw materials. This allows fast LCAs with an unprecedented level of accuracy.

Thanks to in-build data collection tool for supplier data, there is no need to spend months on lengthy analyses, to chase after suppliers’ information, or take wild guesses.

Fast and accurate results to unlock deeper analysis

Over 90% accuracy

After running tests to compare Makersite results with existing analyses, Einhorn reported over 90% accuracy. This allowed them to produce high-quality analyses in a matter of minutes.

From months to minutes

Einhorn reduced the time required to perform LCAs from months to minutes, giving them the opportunity to stay true to their brand values and keep on designing sustainable products.

Single subscription

Makersite allowed Einhorn to save on sustainability data management cost. No need to update or pay several license for each database. We provide a one-stop shop for LCA databases along with powerful analysis tools, and dynamic visualizations.