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Makersite powers Supplier Collaboration for HPDC 

Discover how to improve transparency within the supply chain via enhanced Health Product Declarations.

Building & ConstructionCompliance

Key Points

Use Case:





Building & Construction


  • Facilitate Health Product Declaration (HPD)
  • Enable better supplier collaboration
  • Identifying all the problematic components according to relevant regulations


  • BOM-centered approach for automated screening against relevant regulations
  • Automated data entry and check against live data sources
  • Secure online platform easy to access and easy to use


  • Improved data quality throughout the entire supply chain
  • Better communication with suppliers
  • Complete regulatory assessment in minutes instead of months or years

Supplier collaboration shouldn’t be a brainteaser

For years now the HPDC, an NGO dedicated to promoting transparency within the building & construction industry, is helping companies declare their products via their HPD Open Standard. Manufacturers and suppliers can use the format to report on material content and improve disclosure on associated environmental or health impacts.

However, even though the need for a more transparent process is still strong, the amount of HPDs is stagnating. Completing a declaration requires the company to provide detailed information about the complete formulation of their product and their associated hazards. It is a daunting task for many organizations that don’t have the infrastructure to undertake a complete compliance check or supplier analysis.

In order to make the format more accessible to companies with a smaller compliance team, the HPDC came to Makersite to develop a solution that would help these companies overcome the challenges posed by complex supply chains and laborious supplier collaboration, without additional effort from them.

A simplified access to supplier information

Makersite worked with the HPDC to power Supplier HPD, a new component of the HPD Open Standard 2.2. Thanks to our unique approach to supply chain mapping and supplier questionnaire, manufacturers can collaborate with their suppliers and provide better information to their stakeholders while protecting the intellectual property of suppliers.

No need for companies or their suppliers to install anything, all the declarations and RFIs can be filled online. Data entries are checked against live data sources to detect irregularities and restricted substances on the fly. This way, compliance assessment becomes easy, as the information is flowing throughout the entire supply chain, fast and securely.

Fast and accurate results to unlock faster discussions

Reliable information

Automated data entry accelerates the verification process from hours to seconds and enhances data quality throughout the value chain.

Effective communication

Collaboration features and RFI requests are embedded within the Supplier HPD platform so they can be accessed at any time by manufacturers and suppliers.

Fast compliance checks

Manufacturers can automatically assess compliance in minutes instead of years and pinpoint substances that need to be discussed with suppliers.