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Makersite serves customer across the industry. However, this is where we started.

Consumer goods & Electronics

No other industry experiences more change than this sector. New technology becomes available at a breathtaking rate and manufacturers have to keep up to remain competitive.

  • Short product lifecycles means that its crucial to have efficient processes in place.
  • Meeting demand usually means keeping lean supply chains and production capacities.
  • Standards and regulations are forcing manufacturers to consider life cycle impacts of their increasingly complex products.

Makersite’s unique approach to  compliance assurance, supply chain transparency and price optimization enables companies to innovate fast and create successful products.

Building & Construction

The construction industry is the top global consumer of raw materials and generates between 25 to 40% of the world’s carbon emissions.

  • Rise in material and labor costs means cost efficiencies and reducing cost overruns are a top priority
  • Strict and rapidly evolving regulations across the globe is driving unprecedented levels of transparency in supply chains

Makersite helps Building & Construction companies stay on top of existing and emerging regulations worldwide, strengthen supplier relationships and improve their environmental footprint while identifying cost-saving opportunities.


Apart from the instability in both national and international economic conditions, there are also various internal challenges faced by manufacturers.

  • Forecasting demand requires accurate reporting and controlling of inventories and modern forecasting tools
  • Improving manufacturing efficiency requires providing access to real-time data across the organization to reduce waste and rework
  • Optimizing costs necessitates simplifying supply chains and innovating on alternative materials and suppliers without compromising technical or regulatory requirements

We use novel technologies and AI to solve these challenges orders of magnitude faster and cost effectively than others.


The chemical industry being highly volatile, requires the players in this sector to evolve and adapt themselves to the changing market conditions constantly. The ability to rapidly analyze operational data, support critical business functions, and ensure improved organizational transparency set the leaders apart.

  • Regulatory compliance obligations makes it essential to maintain strict quality management and detailed product information.
  • With 70% of innovations missing their profitability targets, rapid and robust cost and monetization considerations are critical to success

Makersite provides unmatched master data managment functionality with integrated regulatory and costing tools to increase agility.

Our customers said

“Makersite is an easy and quick way to evaluate impact, cost and risks of making products. I truly believe this is the way forward; more transparency, collaboration and sharing of knowledge. To work in isolated silos simply doesn’t make any sense at all”

Johanna Tunlid, Above

“A product like this is the way of the future.
The use of real-time data and cloud-based systems is something that is new and innovative for supply chain management.”

Environment Leaders Awards 2019

“A Groundbreaking Digital Platform […] The first of its kind [that] allows users to map carbon footprints and assess environmental impacts at different stages of the value chain.”

Sustainable Brands

“A broader use of high quality Life Cycle Inventory data benefits everyone.
We look forward to this innovative partnership.”

Niels Jungbluth, ESU Services

“Dynamic Data Integration is groundbreaking.
It’s fast, scalable and immensely useful for identifying and utilizing chemical information throughout the value chain.”

Brett Howard, American Chemistry Council

“The most integral supply chain tool imaginable, and still with an understandable user experience.”

Joost Walterbos, Hedgehog Company

“Mission driven data analytics & dedication to better products […]
With Makersite you’re an asset to the Forum network.”

Forum for the Future

“Makersite means faster, distributed collaboration for procurement professionals”

Jon Hansen, Procurement Insights

Our customer success stories

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Helping a large clothing manufacturer understand the impact of process technology changes on production performance.

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Fast LCAs

Performing complete fast and in-depth LCAs for Einhorn, in seconds rather than months.

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Supplier Collaboration

Powering Supplier Collaboration for the HPDC: Improve supplier collaboration and complete regulatory assessment in minutes instead of months or years.

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Restricted Chemicals Detection

Helping companies detect restricted chemicals and analyze potential alternatives to find safer substitutes for chemicals.

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Driving Business

Transforming sustainability and compliance into business drivers for a worldwide leader in electronics.

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Fast Should-Costing

Accelerating should-costing and providing reliable quotes for custom parts from early designs for a large German aircraft manufacturer.

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Real-Time Product Costing

Simplifying should-costing for a transport manufacturing leader with up to 60x savings in time with >90% of accuracy.

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Supply Chain Transparency

Helping an international cosmetic company take its sustainability and ethical commitments to the next level in 2 days.

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