Supplier HPD – Driving health disclosures into the supply chain

At Makersite, we believe that better collaboration at the various levels of the value chain is key for better, more compliant and sustainable products. That is why we partnered with HPDC to power Supplier HPD, the Health Product Declaration Collaborative’s (HPDC) platform to drive health disclosures into the supply chain.

This new component of the HPD Open Standard 2.2 will enable organizations to engage with their suppliers about healthy materials and improve the quality of this data while protecting the intellectual property of suppliers.

New features will include the capability for manufacturers to communicate directly with their suppliers, using the HPD Builder, to request them to enter data about their ingredients. Suppliers will now be able to create their own private account and enter their data in response to a manufacturer’s RFI. All the guidance, data format, and completeness checking for supplier information that manufacturers receive in the HPD Builder will be provided online.

This new, automated data entry capability will help reduce effort and improve data quality throughout the entire supply chain.

To know more about the partnership and the Supplier HPD pilot, visit the HPDC website.

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