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Product Costing

Calculate and optimize costs across your product’s lifecycle, faster

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Source smarter

Should cost purchased parts.

Help procurement teams implement their purchasing strategies. Identify cost drivers not just in your own operations but also in your supply chains.

Basis for supplier discussions

Quickly create a basis for early costing discussions with suppliers and evaluate alternatives in real-time.

Rollups and portfolio views

Calculate costs for product roll-ups and visualize details with our Mattermaps™ quickly and interactively.

Largest component price database

Access pre-connected and constantly updated supplier and price information for thousands of product categories.

Cost Analysis for Concept Designs

Simplify costing for everyone

Standardize and simplify your methods to enable engineers to instantly generate cost estimates of their designs using AI-powered Bill-of-Material importers.

Design for Costs

Evaluate designs against cost targets quickly to stay within budgets and avoid costly reworks.

Compare design alternatives

Effortlessly compare the costs of different design alternatives to identify optimal solutions early on.

Optimize Costs Across the Lifecycle

Quickly find the right levers for cost optimization.

Evaluate make/buy decisions

Understand the cost implications of making or buying parts and their relevance in the context of the entire product.

Compare production/sourcing locations

Find optimal manufacturing configurations by easily switching production locations for different components to see how they impact costs.

Identify alternative suppliers

Identify second source suppliers for your components from our integrated supplier database and integrated live data feeds. Import your own supplier information to further increase accuracy and generate cost savings ideas automatically using our AI.

Centralize Cost Data for the Business

Company-wide product cost transparency throughout every phase of the product lifecycle.

Intelligent and fast bulk imports

Rapidly generate product models and supply chains with AI-powered importers. Data is automatically validated and enriched from 3rd party trusted sources to ensure accuracy. Advanced duplication checks help improve quality and keep your data clean.

Approval workflows for data

Integrated approval workflows for user-added data and models to ensure that only validated information is accessible to the organization. Version control, granular access control, and full audit trails provide visibility into change management.

Flexible Data Model

Utilize the power of a schema-less graph database and our flexible data model to adapt to even the most complex data requirements. Store unlimited metadata, file attachments like drawings, etc. Makersite automatically cross-references all your information for easy access.

API Integrations

Connect to all your internal systems e.g. procurement, ERP, etc. using our comprehensive APIs to ensure availability of clean, harmonized master data and keep your systems synchronized. Makersite does all of your data transformations thus reducing the need for 3rd party ETL tools and middleware.

Product Costing FAQs

What level of accuracy can you achieve with your approach?

There is in principle no limit to the level of accuracy one can achieve with our approach. The question is always about balancing the effort it takes to increase marginal accuracy. Our approach can automatically generate results with 95% accuracy and above after the initial calibration of the system to your products and supply chains.

Is there any size limit for BOMs that can be handled by Makersite?

We can handle BOMs of any size, from a few tens of lines to tens of thousands.

What are the sources of your data?

We use a combination of proprietary data feeds and offline databases to calculate product costs. For a list of our sources please see Data Foundation

Can I run Makersite locally?

Makersite is a multi-tenant cloud-based offering. Most of our customers use this option. However, for larger deployments with over 50 users, we offer the option of hosting our environment locally. For those that fall in between this range, we also offer a dedicated hosting option so your data is physically separated from others.

We sell the same product in various markets with different regulatory requirements. How can you help make sure we have the right schemes covered everywhere?

Our requirements management functionality is designed for this purpose. In addition to obligations that you manage on your own, we can also connect to live feeds for regulatory requirement through our partners.

Can I add my own costing models?

Yes, you can create your own activity models and associate costs to them. You can then connect them to your product models to see how they affect product prices.

How safe is my data?

We understand that product data can be extremely sensitive and have taken every technical and organizational measure necessary to ensure that your data remains safe and secure. Reach out to us and we can share details on how we manage security.

What happens to my data in the cloud?

Your data is your data. Always. We do not see or use your product data for any purpose unless you want us to.