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Being a cost, risk, compliance, or EHS expert in a manufacturing company is hard. Data is spread in all kinds of places and sometimes not even available; you’re not able to make decisions before running it by a dozen of other experts, and you’re spending a lot of your time doing manual work. Let Makersite help you with that!

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Why is Makersite the key ingredient to your strategy?

140+ data sources

Makersite is the world’s largest supply chain database including information on compliance, EHS, costing, and LCA, answering all the questions you want to know about your product.

Real-time supply chain events and alerts

Most risk takes place in tier 2+ suppliers, yet 65% of companies have no visibility there. With Makersite, you can get transparency into your supply chains and always know what’s going on.

Fast and easy data extraction

Use your systems, including ERP, PLM, etc., to construct detailed, specific supply chains. With zero manual data entry and 100% automation you’re focusing on action, not preparation.

Advanced scenario modeling

In Makersite’s simple cloud-based interface you can interactively evaluate material or process alternatives at any product model level and compare multiple scenarios simultaneously.

Multi Criteria Decision Analyses

With Makersite, you can analyze your designs in detail, including full LCAs with 50+ criteria, from CAD or PLM-generated BOMs and share viewpoints with different stakeholders.

Experts use Makersite for this:

Eliminating risks

Outdated systems, incomplete or scattered data, and supply chain complexity lead to the deep tiers of your supply chains being the place where most risk and non-compliance take place. The recent past has brought the fragility and risk of global supply chains to light. With Makersite, manufacturing enterprises can fully understand the risk in the deeper tiers of their product supply chains and stay competitive. You can build resilient supply chains, understand performance and threats in real-time, and protect your brand reputation while increasing competitiveness.

Decreasing the need for (other) experts

Makersite has revolutionized how businesses operate by significantly reducing the reliance on experts. Its advanced features and data-driven approach empowers organizations to make informed decisions without the need for extensive expert knowledge. By aggregating and analyzing vast amounts of data from various sources, including regulatory databases, and supply chain information, Makersite provides comprehensive insights and recommendations. Its intuitive interface and visualizations enable users to easily understand complex information, eliminating the requirement for specialized expertise. Companies can confidently navigate product development, compliance, sustainability, and risk management, unlocking new levels of efficiency and effectiveness while reducing costs associated with expert consultation. 

Automating manual work

Through its advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities, Makersite streamlines and accelerates various tasks that would typically require significant time and expertise. For instance, the platform can automatically collect and analyze vast amounts of data, eliminating the need for experts to manually search and compile information. It can also perform complex simulations and scenario analyses, generating valuable insights without the need for manual calculations. Furthermore, Makersite’s automated reporting and visualization features enable experts to easily communicate complex findings and recommendations to stakeholders, saving time and effort in preparing extensive reports. By automating these manual processes, Makersite liberates experts from mundane and time-consuming tasks, allowing them to focus on higher-value activities that require their specialized knowledge and expertise.

A view into the Makersite software

Product requirements

Maintain an updated database of regulatory compliance information to obtain a comprehensive and real-time overview of applicable regulations by geographical location and check compliance of each product based on composition or inventory. Use our supply chain data to automatically identify compliance hotspots and potentially harmful ingredients in your products early on in the design process.

Identification of cost drivers

Identify cost drivers in your supply chains, evaluate alternatives in real-time, and access pre-connected and constantly updated supplier and price information for thousands of product categories with Makersite’s largest component price database.

Create standard-conformant reports

Export visualizations and data for use in your reports, internal systems, offline calculations, or presentations. Makersite supports various graphic formats and Excel or CSV. Integrate reports directly into your BI tool of choice, e.g., Microsoft BI, Tableau, etc., share interactive LCA data with your customers and stakeholders directly from Makersite, or publish limited results, e.g., footprints for the public.

“Schaeffler will operate on a climate-neutral basis along the entire value-added chain from the year 2040. By teaming up with Makersite, Schaeffler can run ad-hoc automated analyses of environmental impacts from various supply chains in scope, e.g. for use of materials. Together, we are able to compare different product scenarios from a sustainability perspective.”

Dr. Michael Kobes

Manager Sustainable Products & Advanced Materials

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