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Under pressure from colleagues in Product and Sales to deliver reports? For complex electronics products, LCAs used to take months. With Makersite’s AI-powered platform, you can build a complete picture of your entire product portfolio in under a minute.

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Microsoft can finally focus on designing sustainable products instead of only working on disclosures

Spend less time on disclosures

50x faster decisions

Make faster product and supply chain decisions with greater granularity.

Months to minutes

No more spreadsheets and supplier questionnaires. Build a granular view of supply chains with machine learning

Align product teams

Bring together cost, sustainability and compliance data into one single source of truth

What Makersite empowers you to do

Simulate your product life cycle

Use activity-based modeling to simulate any product or service’s entire life cycle. Makersite’s recommendation engine will help you fill gaps and complete your models correctly and quickly. Use and build your ISO 14044 LCA on world-class ILCD conformant data from leading providers such as Ecoinvent, IDEA, and others.

Make improvements

Automatically generate data-driven suggestions to improve your products and supply chains across multiple criteria. Identify potential issues and evaluate design alternatives quickly. Instantly assess how your product changes affect compliance, sustainability, costs, etc., with inbuilt tools, and collaborate quickly to resolve issues before they become problems.

Create standard-conformant reports

Export visualizations and data for use in your reports, internal systems, offline calculations, or presentations. Makersite supports various graphic formats and Excel or CSV. Integrate reports directly into your BI tool of choice, e.g., Microsoft BI, Tableau, etc., share interactive LCA data with your customers and stakeholders directly from Makersite, or publish limited results, e.g., footprints for the public.

How Makersite works



your data

We connect to CAD, ERP, and PLM systems to import bill of material or product files in multiple formats



your product

We map and enhance product data with materials, substances, and supply chain information sourced directly from our extensive database



making decisions

Our digital twin product model allows you to analyze, improve, and report on sustainability, compliance, and cost. Decide on alternative materials to reduce impacts and risk and view your product’s entire lifecycle

Compliance & Sustainability experts use Makersite to

Be the fastest to Net Zero

Approximately 90% of countries are covered by some Net Zero target, as are hundreds of the largest publicly traded companies. But current LCA approaches are not scalable, and category spend-based approaches are too poor to identify or track improvements over the Net Zero journey. So, how do you get a Net Zero strategy to work? With Makersite, you get an operating system for the transition to Net Zero. You can find drivers of environmental impact in your product and supply chains, enable ecodesign and create all the reports you need around sustainability, standards-conformant, of course. What used to take months now takes minutes with Makersite.

Meet global regulatory requirements

More and more rigorous emission regulations are coming into place all over the world. It is only a question of time until Scope 3 reporting, for example, will be mandatory for all companies. Many of these obligations, especially around emissions that occur upstream and downstream, for many companies are challenging to report on and even harder to improve. With Makersite you can respond to growing regulations and penalties on product declarations, meet reporting requirements quickly through automation and move 100x faster using AI-supported tools – all while reducing the need to staff LCA-expertise.

Enable sales teams

While up to 90% of ecological impacts stem from the supply chain of products, over 92% of companies do not know about them. Your engineering and procurement teams are the ones who can enable sustainable change in your supply chains. So, how can you empower these two engines to help you decarbonize your supply chain? With Makersite, engineering and procurement teams gain insights into the deep tiers of the supply chain and do not need to rely on experts to enable ecodesign and sustainable procurement. By integrating sustainable sourcing, you can reduce the climate impact of spend by up to 70%, while the design teams can influence up to 80% of the ecological impact of a product when given the right information at hand in the design phase.

Fast & defendable reports means more time for analysis

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