Terms of use, privacy and community guidelines

The Legal bits

Your use of Makersite is based on the terms and conditions in effect for the service. Because legal stuff can be a bit tedious, here are a few key points we wanted to emphasize:

Makersite cares about your privacy. We don’t share your personal info. We don’t spam.

We have 4 Community Guidelines. They state that folks on Makersite take pride in knowledge, act professionally, are helpful, respect rights, and follow the law. More here

Makersite is not a solicitation platform, but it’s ok to talk about your product based on its properties. Your suppliers and customers want to know!

Makersite hosts an open data, commercial data, and of course, your own product data.
Makersite’s ability to calculate across all data types on the same platform makes us unique, and we carefully manage your confidentiality:

  • By default, open data is open and remains open. For example, scientific facts, we standardize on CC-BY for that.
  • By default, your own product data (for example a BOM or formulation you upload) is private to you unless you choose to share it. You decide how to share your data and with whom.
  • Your own product data will also not be used for the benefit of other users, unless done so in an aggregated and anonymized form that identifies neither you nor your product details or unless you give express permission.
  • Makersite will show you, through in real time, the confidentiality/privacy status of each data set.

Hopefully this helps as a quick summary. Time to get out there to make, buy and sell awesome products!

The following terms and conditions govern all use of Makersite. Use of the Service is offered to acceptance of compliance with them. By clicking “I accept” and/or by your use of Service, you agree and accept them. So be certain to read them carefully before you use the site and related services.

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