Makersite included in Top 10 Startups of 2019 by Innovation Radar

We are honored to be among the 10 most innovative startups of 2019 chosen by the European Commission.

About us

Makersite GmbH is a software and data technology start-up established in September 2018 in Munich, Germany. Makersite’s award-winning platform is the world’s most advanced SaaS suite for industrial product management. It helps manufacturing companies manage product data across their business and supports decision-making through integrated views of a product’s financial and non-financial performance metrics. This helps them develop more compliant, safer, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly products, an order of magnitude faster than current systems and approaches.

Innovation Radar

The Innovation Radar is an initiative of the European Commission that supports high potential innovations detected among Horizon 2020 projects. The Innovation Radar aspires to help innovators reach their full potential in the market by providing guidance on the best ways to reach the market, or supporting innovators through funded initiatives relevant to them.

Find out more on the Innovation Radar initiative here.