Forrester Study: How To Transform Product Sustainability Into Performance Initiatives

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AI-powered packaging innovation for more sustainable, cost-effective, and compliant packaging

What Makersite Enables

Create eco-profiles automatically

Use your packaging BOMs to instantly create eco-profiles with drag and drop functionality to make evaluations based on cost, sustainability, compliance, and more.

Quickly import your data

Our AI-powered importers automatically recognize materials and connect supply chains so you can create product detailed profiles in seconds.

Access the largest database of packaging materials

Fill the gaps in your data with unlimited access to the largest database of packaging information, including environmental impacts, costs, suppliers, etc, updated in real-time.

Understand the full picture

Include logistics and end-of-life scenarios to get the full picture beyond Tier 1.

Find the right alternative for your needs

Tools, analytics, and reports to make better design decisions, faster.

See what works for you from early-stage designs

Work with early-stage designs and compare against different scenarios of supply-chains, processes, designs, or materials

Get smart optimization suggestions

Our AI-powered suggestion engine makes it easier to see what materials and supply chain optimizations may be possible on your design.

Make trade-off decisions easier with MCDA

Assess multiple criteria such as costs, compliance, etc. in addition to sustainability and make easier trade-off decisions with Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis.

Easily integrate with your systems

Make the best out of your existing systems and collaborate with your entire team.

Easily integrate with your CAD/ERP/PDM

Makersite is built with an “API-first” mindset, which greatly facilitates the integration with your existing design tools and allows more real-time design feedback.

Get your results in few clicks

Our drag and drop interface with intuitive and interactive analytics makes it easy to get up to speed quickly.

Easily collaborate with your team

Easily collaborate with your suppliers and experts within the company to improve your designs with built-in collaboration tools.

Don’t worry about data anymore

Our unique model for data makes access to information easy and cost-effective for small and large companies alike.

Optimize your designs

AI-powered tools to help you find market oriented solutions. Take into account regional end of life treatment processes, including collection and recycling/recovery rates to enable more targeted, circular packaging designs.

Focus on your target markets

Evaluate designs on the basis of real-world end-of-life treatment of packaging waste in target markets.

Get improved material suggestions

Get improved materials suggestions based on technical viability including physical and chemical properties as well as regulatory constraints.

Access more packaging data

Includes data on cutting-edge packaging materials and suppliers.

Analyse life cycle stages impacts

Unlock clearer visualization of impacts from different life cycle stages.