AI powered packaging innovation for better and more sustainable solutions

  • Smart packaging optimization
  • Easy cost reduction identification
  • Embedded eco-design
  • Regionalized scenario analyses

What Makersite enables

Create eco-profiles automatically

Use your packaging BOMs to instantly create eco-profiles with drag and drop functionality

AI-Powered BOM Importer
Our importer automatically recognizes materials and connect supply chains.
Largest database of packaging materials
Access the largest database of packaging information, including environmental impacts, costs, suppliers, etc.
Logistics and end-of-life scenarios
Include logistics and end-of-life scenarios to get the full picture.

Find the right alternative for your needs

Tools, analytics, and reports for design support.

Scenario analysis

Work with early-stage designs and compare against different scenarios of supply-chains, designs or materials

AI-powered suggestion engine
Get suggestions on materials and supply chain optimizations that may be possible on your design.
Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis
Assess multiple criteria such as costs, compliance etc. in addition to sustainability and make trade-off decisions

Easily integrate with your systems

Connect disparate data and collaborate with your entire team

API-first architecture
Makersite is built with an “API-first” mindset, which greatly facilitates the integration with your existing design tools and allows more real-time design feedback.
Intuitive user experience
Our drag and drop interface with intuitive and interactive analytics makes it easy to get up to speed quickly.
Built-in collaboration
Easily collaborate with experts within the company to improve your designs with built-in collaboration tools.

Extend Makersite with OptiPack 

In collaboration with True BV and funded by the prestigious Eurostars programme, the Optipack project will expand the capabilities of Makersite and allow you to design better packaging, faster.

Optimize your designs

AI-powered tools to help you find market oriented solutions.

Target market focus
Evaluate designs on the basis of real-world end-of-life treatment of packaging waste in target markets.
Improved material suggestions
Improved materials suggestions based on technical viability including physical and chemical properties as well as regulatory constraints.
More packaging data
Includes data on cutting-edge packaging materials and suppliers.

Analyse your packaging faster

Powerful and improved UX for faster packaging analysis.

Life cycle stages impacts
Clearer visualization of impacts from different life cycle stages.
CAD support
Improved CAD support with most major tools.

Features & Pricing


What happens to my data in the cloud?
Your data is your data. Always. We do not see or use your product data for any purpose unless you want us to.
Can I run Makersite locally?
Makersite is a multi-tenant cloud-based offering. Most of our customers use this option. However, for larger deployments with over 50 users, we offer the option of hosting our environment locally. For those that fall in between this range, we also offer a dedicated hosting option so your data is physically separated from others.
We have complicated products. Would Makersite scale?
Makersite uses cutting edge technologies to combat the problem of decreasing performance with increasing complexity. This includes a fundamentally different approach to storing information, a micro-service based distributed architecture and more. Get in touch with us for more information on this topic.
How safe is my data?
We understand that product data can be extremely sensitive and have taken every technical and organizational measure necessary to ensure that your data remains safe and secure. Reach out to us and we can share details on how we manage security.
Can I manage process information?
Yes, Makersite is designed to manage all kinds of data that you generate in the process of making products. That includes granular activity information among other things.
What kinds of systems do you integrate with?
Makersite has an API-first policy which means that all our functionality can be access through APIs. This allows for integration into any kind of system including ERP, PDM, PLM, QMS, EHS and legacy systems.



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