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AI-platform automatically refines product models to manage cost and carbon in real-time

Makersite launches AI-enabled ecodesign dashboard

The dashboard helps product designers and engineers make smarter design decisions when considering environmental impacts and cost optimization.

STUTTGART, Germany, March 20, 2024 — Makersite, a software company pioneering a new approach to sustainable product design and sourcing, today launched an AI-enabled Ecodesign Dashboard that helps product designers and engineers make smarter design decisions when considering environmental impacts and cost optimization.

Currently, less than 1% of new products are developed with sustainability in mind due to an inability to quickly understand how to improve a product and the trade-offs that need to be made. However, to comply with emerging regulations such as the EU’s Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation (ESPR) and reporting for Digital Product Passports, manufacturers need to begin preparing for the inclusion of ecodesign within their development and sourcing processes by moving away from manual reporting and a dependency on experts.

Makersite addresses this with an Ecodesign Dashboard that provides engineers with a trade-off analysis supported by clear, visualized data of the environmental and cost impacts of each component chosen within their design. This visibility allows product teams to accurately weigh the consequences of design choices across the entire lifecycle.

The Ecodesign Dashboard is powered by Makersite’s activity-based modeling and digital twin technology that leverages deep machine learning informed by a comprehensive database of 140+ supply chains to make better, more informed product decisions.

“The ability to holistically weigh complex design criteria to balance cost, carbon and risk provides insight and context that designers and manufactures can readily implement to make more informed, less environmentally intensive products,” said Neil D’Souza, CEO and Founder of Makersite. “This is an exercise that once took teams of experts weeks or months to complete and can now be handled with AI in a matter of minutes by the very teams who create these products each day.”

In addition to streamlining design decision-making, the Makersite Ecodesign Dashboard allows for the exporting of visualizations and data for use in internal systems, corporate and regulatory disclosures, and offline calculations. The dashboard provides AI-enabled lifecycle assessment (LCA) and carbon footprint data that can be shared directly from Makersite with customers and stakeholders.

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About Makersite GmbH

Makersite is a pioneering Product Lifecycle Intelligence platform that helps product teams to manage product sustainability, supply chain risk, cost, and compliance in real-time, all in one place.  We combine manufacturers’ product and supply chain data, held within multiple systems, with our own data foundation made up of 140 material, process and supplier databases to create a digital twin of their products and their supply chain, allowing teams to collaborate more effectively so that they can design, source and manufacture better products up to 50x faster than traditional methods. With a global workforce and a customer base including Microsoft, Schaeffler, Cummins and Vestas, Makersite’s goal is simple: Make better products, faster. To learn more about how we transform the process of deciding what to make, which suppliers to buy from and which material to use from months to minutes, watch our demo here or visit Source smarter, design greener, collaborate faster.