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Makersite’s Integrated Data Platform

Simplify Product Sustainability And Stewardship Of Supply Chains

Product teams can now discover, analyze and model risks, regulations, eco and health impacts in real-time across value chains and life-cycle thanks to Makersite integrated data platform. 

Makersite, the pioneer in product intelligence, released an open version of its high-performance data platform in the cloud. Supply chain, compliance, stewardship, and sustainability professionals can use it to screen supply chains for risks and impacts, simply by configuring a BOM or product formulation.

The platform models how things are made through thousands of connected industrial process chains. With millions of data points, it’s the largest database on how products are made and the impacts, costs, and risks of making them. Data is constantly updated to reflect changes in regulations and product evolutions. Users can customize thousands of available product models or configure their own product to discover and analyze risks or impacts across the value chain and life-cycle.

Calculations are done using open as well as third-party commercial data to ensure dependable results. The ability to compute across private and public data, while protecting intellectual property at a granular level, removes an important barrier to supply chain collaboration and product stewardship.

With its first open release, Makersite focused on three key areas:


Regulated Substance Risk and Chemical Risk

In today’s complex, global supply chains it is difficult to trace where restricted chemicals may be entering a supply chain. Through its advanced technology, the system is able to identify those risks early, as well as which jurisdiction and regulation restrict them. The model is automatically updated with regulatory changes and users get notified when those are made. The potential impact of proposed restrictions can be revealed not just for the product, but for its entire supply chain.

In an effort to simplify how data is consumed, Makersite also created a simple way to visualize risk from a chemical when it is used in a range of products, called the RCR Matrix©. For a given chemical, the matrix lists the concentrations in which it is safe to use for selected product groups using the ECETOC methodology. The site provides fully automated risk calculation for millions of chemicals. Manufacturers and buyers can thereby quickly identify if a chemical ingredient poses a risk to the consumer.


Environmental Footprints for buyers and suppliers

Suppliers are often reluctant to share environmental data due to Intellectual Property concerns. Now, buyers and sellers can calculate footprints easily, reliably and with granular security to protect IP. Users can calculate, analyze, and share the environmental performance of their products using the same background models and methods, without having to reveal confidential information. That way data is comparable and reliable, yet avoids conflicting interests.


Material or Processing Alternatives

There is no current manner to simultaneously model all the impacts of material, supplier, and/or technology changes on a single platform. This problem is finally solved: users can now evaluate such alternatives, even across their supply chain. For instance, a user can model how a change of material may affect costs, environmental performance or compliance.


“Combined risk, hazard, and environmental data is a breakthrough. Open data can be used, improved, and reviewed by the world community and dedicated experts. Policy makers and the wider community will benefit from this collective work,” says Neil D’Souza, Makersite co-founder and CTO.


“It is incredibly challenging for firms to keep on top of product data across complex value chains and comply with an ever-changing mosaic of demands,” says Neil. “Our unique platform solves this problem with accuracy and speed.”

The public BETA is launching on April 11, 2017. It’s an open site where users can freely participate, share, and interact. Premium features, such as commercial data and private team collaboration, will be available later this year. For more information visit https://makersite.io/.


About Makersite

Makersite is an integrated data platform that empowers teams to make, buy and sell great products. It is the largest database on how products are made and their uses, costs, risks, and impacts. Product teams use it to innovate faster, buy smarter and be sustainable.
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