Product Compliance

Reduce chemical hazards & risks in your supply chain

Healthier, more compliant products

Bill of material grading

Screen your assemblies and formulations against 100+ regulations or your own substance lists.

Fill data gaps

Discover risks for unknown components with a state-of-the-art heuristic database or collect data from your supply chain with integrated collaboration features.

Evaluate alternative ingredients

Avoid regrettable substitutions using multi-criteria decision analysis.

Accurate data

Ensure accurate Bill-of-Material data with live checks against public sources.

ECETOC Risk Assessments

Fully automated chemical risk and exposure assessment.

Regular data updates

Up-to-date regulatory information that is always connected to your data to ensure product compliance.

Proprietary chemicals

Automated SMILE-based categorization of new chemicals for accurate grading against regulations.

Harmonized chemical hazards

Up-to-date and accurate harmonized hazard assessment of substances.

Our Solutions

All at the same time, from a web browser.

Data Management

Overcome product complexity and make better decisions, faster.


Evaluate should-cost of early designs or changes and find optimizations.


Assess environmental and health impacts of your product’s supply chain.

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