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Make more sustainable products, faster

Find drivers of environmental impact

Enable DfE and circular design

Create standards-conformant reports

Find drivers of environmental impact

Use the integrated full-scale Life Cycle Analysis functionality to understand drivers of your product’s environmental footprint.

Model anything
Use activity-based modeling to simulate any kind of product or service across its entire life cycle. Makersite’s suggestion engine will help you fill gaps and complete your models correctly and quickly.
Intelligent and fast BOM imports
Rapidly generate product models with AI-powered Bill-of-Material importing and mapping.
Import your models and data
Easily transfer existing models through our EcoSpold interface without any manual work and benefit from the auto-populated cost, health, regulatory, and supply chain information.
Interactive, regionalized visuals
Navigate through product components and their supply chains with our Mattermaps™ to identify drivers of environmental impacts and visualize regional results on maps.
World class data
Use and build your ISO 14044 LCA on world-class ILCD conformant data from leading providers such as Ecoinvent, IDEA, and others.

Design for Environment & Circularity

Rapidly assess the effects of material or technology changes in the supply chain on environmental performance and drive decisions.

Material lookups
Provide simple and fast material lookups for your engineering teams to help them make better and more informed material or component choices, faster.
Improvement suggestions
The world’s first engine to automatically generate data-driven improvement suggestions for your products and supply chains.
Intuitive, powerful scenario analyses
Interactively evaluate material or process alternatives at any level of the supply chain/product model and compare multiple scenarios simultaneously.
Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis
Support decision making with clear and actionable insights taking into account multiple criteria (e.g. carbon, water etc.) and perspectives (market segments, stakeholders etc.) simultaneously.
Native collaboration
Collaborate with your sustainability team and product engineers effectively and securely in the Cloud with version control, integrated publishing workflows, and team features.

Create standard-conformant reports

Export anything
Export our visualizations and data for use in your reports, internal systems, offline calculations or presentations. We support various graphical formats and excel or csv.
Smart grids for data analyses
Slice and dice your data with ease with our smart grids from anywhere in the application. Grids are easier to use than excel, include pivot functionality, are interactive and fast.
Custom reports
Can’t find a report you’re looking for? Just ask us – we can have custom reports available for you in a couple of hours.
BI Integration
Integrate reports directly into your BI tool of choice e.g. Microsoft BI, Tableu etc. so your whole company can keep track of their progress towards making more sustainable products.
Respond to data requests
Share interactive LCA data with your customers and stakeholders directly from Makersite or publish limited results e.g. footprints for the public.


What impact categories are included?

We offer over 250 different impact categories coverings all key methodologies in use by the LCA community. We have a specific focus on the categories prescribed by the emerging PEF standard coming out of the European Union.

Can I generate PEF and ISO compliance reports?

These are standards that provide guidance on how to model your products and their supply chains. Makersite is completely flexible in how you create your models and uses industry accepted background databases for calculations. You can therefore create PEF and ISO compliant reports from the results generated by Makersite. 

Do you have a dataset for …

We are the largest cloud-based LCA database in the world and constantly look to create partnerships with data providers. Makersite is also a fully transparent database, which enables you to quickly and effortlessly reconfigure our datasets to suit your needs. In addition to that, if you’re ever missing any data, we or any of our partners can help you fill those gaps quickly and cost effectively.  

What happens to my data in the cloud?
Your data is your data. Always. We do not see or use your product data for any purpose unless you want us to.
What data is included?

We include most of the major LCA databases including Ecoinvent, IDEA and more. In addition, we also develop data ourselves. For a complete list of the public and proprietary databases that are integrated, see Data integrations.

Can I have multiple versions of my results?

Makersite as full version control for both your data as well as our background databases. That means that you can always compare updated results to the original to understand the cause of the differences.  

Can I use data provided to me by my suppliers?

Makersite can help you collect raw data from your suppliers efficiently. This data gets connected automatically to your models and will be used to general integrated LCA impacts. Since your data and that of your suppliers use the same background databases for calculations, your results are consistent and transparent. For those that already have pre-calculated numbers from your suppliers, these can also easily be added to your models. 

How often is your data updated?

LCA data updates follow the update cycles of the database providers. There is typically a delay between when database providers release new versions of their databases and when they become available on Makersite. This is due to the extensive integration activities we perform on the data.  

How safe is my data?
We understand that product data can be extremely sensitive and have taken every technical and organizational measure necessary to ensure that your data remains safe and secure. Reach out to us and we can share details on how we manage security.
Can I run Makersite locally?
Makersite is a multi-tenant cloud-based offering. Most of our customers use this option. However, for larger deployments with over 50 users, we offer the option of hosting our environment locally. For those that fall in between this range, we also offer a dedicated hosting option so your data is physically separated from others.



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