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2 projects to help you and your company through Covid-19. On us!

As the global network of business and supply chain is weakened by the spread of the Covid-19, some teams are struggling to keep up, while others are finding it hard to stay motivated. We’ve designed two projects that you can do yourself to understand how the crisis will continue to affect your supply chain and how to rapidly evaluate required changes to products at a time when you’re working remotely and collaboration is difficult.

Understand supply chain impacts

Use Makersite to understand how Covid-19 is affecting your supply chains – not just supplies of raw materials and components. With this 2 week project, you’ll model the entire supply chain of one of your products to understand how the disruptions could affect your raw material supply. Quickly find which components will be affected so you and your team can develop contingencies in advance.

Evaluate product change requests

In this 2 week project, you will focus on ensuring that changes that you may need to make to your product do not create compliance issues or worsen the environmental impacts of your products. You’ll perform a life cycle analysis of one of your products as well as evaluate it against regulatory lists. Share interactive results with your team to arrive at decisions faster.



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