Product Costing


Increase margins through real-time product costing.

Real-time product costing from first-designs through final specifications

Cost-out designs

Calculate fully loaded production costs of early designs with >90% accuracy

Validate supplier pricing

Estimate should-costs for purchased goods using our supply chain data

Analyze savings opportunities

Evaluate make/buy or sourcing scenarios and identify alternative suppliers

BOM should-costing

Calculate fully-loaded costs for manufactured goods with nothing more than your Bill-of-Materials, our algorithms, and Makersite data.

Interactive & regionalized visualizations

Navigate through components and rich supply chains to visualize your supply chain map and identify cost drivers.

Scenario modeling

Leverage thousands of company cost structure models to evaluate make/buy decisions.

Largest database of material and component prices

For increased accuracy and robustness, access pre-connected and constantly updated supplier and price information for thousands of product groups.

Import your suppliers

Import your raw materials, suppliers, and costs quickly and connect them to your products.

Live data feeds

Complement your own supplier lists and price information with integrated live searches to find cheaper, better suppliers.

Our Solutions

Simultaneously, from a web browser.


Identify and prevent regulatory risks to your products.

Data Management

Overcome product complexity and make better decisions, faster.


Assess environmental and health impaces of your product’s supply chain.

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