Forrester Study: How To Transform Product Sustainability Into Performance Initiatives

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Build supply chain resilience

Transform visiblity into resillience

Most risk lies in your tier 2+ suppliers. Uncover the hidden risks within the deep-tiers of your supply chain and build the resillience your business needs

As of today, most risk and non-compliance takes place in tier 2+ suppliers, yet 65% of companies have no visibility there. The reason for these are simple: Outdated systems, incomplete or scattered data or supply chain complexity.

The requirements for procurement and supply chain management have increased. In addition, the fragility and risk of global supply chains has been magnified by numerous disruptions from wars to pandemics.

Manufacturing enterprises need to fully understand the risks in the deeper tiers of their product supply chains to stay competitive. Companies that win not only create demand, but execute on delivery.

“Schaeffler will operate on a climate-neutral basis along the entire value-added chain from the year 2040. By teaming up with Makersite, Schaeffler can run ad-hoc automated analyses of environmental impacts from various supply chains in scope, e.g. for use of materials.
Together, we are able to compare different product scenarios from a sustainability perspective.”

DR. Michael Kobes

Manager Sustainable Products & Advanced Materials

Use AI and graph technology to map and model complex supply chains

Uncloak your deep-tier supply chain

Makersite provides the tools you need to:

  • understand how stuff is made
  • the transparency of deep tiers in the supply chain
  • the actionable insights for supply route reinforcement and order planning
  • the ability to collaborate with supplier at scale

Digital twins model your complex supply chains

With Makersite’s digital twin technology, you can:

  • Integrate procurement and PLM data to uncover deep tier supply chains
  • Use APIs to integrate data models with your existing systems
  • Deep dive into the world’s largest, transparent supply chain database
  • Get real-time supply chain events and alerts

Minimize risk and build resilience

Makersite provides the tools you need to:

  • Understand performance and threats in real-time
  • Reduce direct revenue loss from supply chain disruptions
  • Decrease productivity loss from production halts
  • Protect your brand reputation and increase competitiveness

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