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Interviews, Knowledge, Experts, Opinions. In our Insights-section we collect everything you need to know and want to read around the topics of sustainability, engineering, procurement, and more.

Image of Neil D'Souza with Scope 3 text in backgorund
Solving the Scope 3 challenge
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Sustainability Data Hurdles
Overcoming the hurdles: Why people, processes and bad data are hindering sustainability
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Carbon Compliance
50 shades of carbon and complianceĀ 
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Sustainability Function
How to create a dedicated sustainability function in your organization
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How to secure a sustainable future: In conversation with PTC’s James Norman and Dave Duncan
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Supplier Engagement Programs
How to build and grow supplier engagement programs in order to meet your sustainability goals
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Engineers Product Development
A new era of product design: How engineers can lead the way
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Forrester Makersite
Forrester study offers crucial insight into competitive advantages of sustainable product development
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The end of the entrepreneur: Why engineers are the makers of the future
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