Forrester Study: How To Transform Product Sustainability Into Performance Initiatives

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What is Makersite?

AI, data, apps for decision-making at scale

Unlock the power of AI and graph technology with Makersite. Collaborate with your team to develop compliant, safe, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly products at lightning speed – up to 50x faster than traditional methods.

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Integrate multiple data sources to deliver analytics on compliance, EPDs, PCFs, scope 1,2 & 3, forecasts & should-costs

Makersite technology, big data, and breakthrough algorithms

Makersite’s AI and Knowledge Graph-powered platform is a powerful solution for managing complex products and supply chains.

With its ability to clean, connect and enrich cross-departmental data with third-party sources, it removes the dependency on sustainability, cost and risk experts.

The platform provides an array of product and supply chain-related information across sustainability, cost, and compliance metrics. Our AI algorithms automatically detect and connect product components and manufacturing processes to the right supply chain data from a harmonized and hyper-connected database, which solves one of the most time-consuming problems of mapping data to multiple sources at a granular level. The result is a detailed, extremely specific view into deep-tier supply chains, giving users a better understanding of environmental footprints, should-costing, and compliance risks at an unprecedented speed.

A view into Makersite’s software

See into the deep-tiers of your supply chain

Use activity-based modeling to simulate any product or service’s entire life cycle. Makersite’s recommendation engine will help you fill gaps and complete your models correctly and quickly.

Supplier Finder

Make better decisions based on multiple criteria

Support decision-making with clear and actionable insights considering multiple criteria (e.g., carbon, water, etc.) and perspectives (market segments, stakeholders, etc.) simultaneously.

Multi Criteria Decision Analysis

Report on the things that matter

Export our visualizations and data for use in your reports, internal systems, offline calculations or presentations. Share interactive LCA data with your customers and stakeholders directly from Makersite or publish limited results, e.g., footprints for the public.

Intelligent reporting

Built on solid foundations


Highly scalable software platform hosted in the Cloud delivering real-time services

50+ Analytics Applications

Analyze products across areas of sustainability, costing, compliance, EHS and supply chain risk

Domain Experts

Expert services & domain support by industry specialists with combined industry experience of 50+ years

Enterprise Integrations

Integrations with ERP, PLM, PDM and CAD Systems via open API. 10+ Default Importers

AI Mapping Engine

Instant product insights via proprietary mapping engine powered by AI, Machine Learning and Graph Data Models

140+ Integrated Data Sources

Access the worlds largest product database, where we handle updates and so you don’t have to

Our Data Foundation in Numbers


public and private data sources brought together into one platform


of global supply chains covered within Makersite

Our Partners

Our data in your systems – secured and scaleable

Makersite’s partner network brings together data, channel, services and technology partners to enable you to leverage Makersite and unify all your product and supply chain data to make better decisions at scale.

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