Wolters Kluwer Enablon and Makersite announce strategic collaboration:

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Features & Benefits

Product teams need more than carbon accounting tools to make sustainable products

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Uncover your product, its components and processes as well as its deep tier supply chain

Sankeys provide an accurate visualization of your product to explore the deep tier supply chains, identify environmental hotspots and understand the impact on cost, compliance, risk and EHS your choices make

Have confidence in your decision making with a harmonized data ecosystem

Standardize your data, enrich it with the most accurate data and support decisions across multiple criteria with clear and actionable insights

Make it easier to take control of your environmental impacts

Place ecodesign at the core of your decisions, fully automate your Life Cycle Assemements and quickly understand the impact of your choices

Speed up how you calculate and optimize costs across your product’s lifecycle

Help procurement teams implement their purchasing strategies, build comparison cost models of different designs, identify the most appropriate suppliers

Be reassured you meet quality and regulatory requirements within your entire supply chain

Never miss a regulatory compliance update again, trigger alerts as soon as something changes, work closer with your suppliers and use our supply chain data to automatically identify compliance hotspots

“Schaeffler will operate on a climate-neutral basis along the entire value-added chain from the year 2040. By teaming up with Makersite, Schaeffler can run ad-hoc automated analyses of environmental impacts from various supply chains in scope, e.g. for use of materials. Together, we are able to compare different product scenarios from a sustainability perspective.”

DR. Michael Kobes

Manager Sustainable Products & Advanced Materials