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Integrated data & technology in the cloud

Makersite combines millions of data points to give you comprehensive knowledge of product impacts and potential improvements across several criteria like cost, risk, supply chain resilience, compliance, environment and health.


Agile, flexible and future proof


A stateless, cloud-based platform that scales seamlessly across hardware. Multi-master architecture with automatic sharding.


Tiered Privacy between personal, team and global sites with record-level security to protect IP across supply networks.



A schema-less two-way integration between multiple systems, capable of handling thousands of requests per second. 


A secure, open RESTFUL API system to help you integrate your systems and build new applications and usecases with Makersite data and algorithms


More than 30 apps to simplify product data management and make better products, faster



Configure an existing bill of material or recipe, create a new one or connect your own.

Analytics apps

All modules come pre-loaded with data, so you can create value in seconds.

Visualizations & Reports

Automatic rendering of graphs, views, Sankey diagrams or tables, easily shareable and exportable.


Interact with your team, organization, suppliers, and consultants around products.


Connect your bill of material and supplier lists to integrated top-notch data, powered by AI.


Share, publish, and discuss know-how with your teams and more via Makersite.


Up-to-date data from all the industries you need

Built for multi-dimensional data modeling

Industrial process framework

Thousands of unit operations that form connected industrial process chains

Data normalization

Supports the comparison between alternatives using reference numerical scores

Data Updates

Benefit from continuous data updates

Preconnected data

Millions of data points across multiple layers such as Products, Parts, Suppliers, Regulations, Chemicals, Metals, Prices, Companies, Facilities… that are connected together

Data graphing

Automated or AI-assisted formation of relationships between data objects



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