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Aims to accelerate sustainability goals and lead industry in Scope 3 emissions reporting

Actona Group partners with Makersite

STUTTGART, Germany, April 30, 2024 — Actona Group, a global pioneer in the furniture industry, is charting a new course towards sustainability and is now partnering with Makersite, an AI-enabled product lifecycle intelligence software known for its comprehensive approach to managing product sustainability, cost, and compliance in real-time.

The collaboration underscores Actona Group’s commitment to significantly enhancing its sustainability and business practices across all aspects of its operations. By leveraging Makersite’s cutting-edge capabilities, Actona Group is ready to achieve detailed insight into product-specific Scope 3 emissions, setting a new industry standard in environmental accountability.

Actona Group recognized the dual benefits of integrating sustainability into its operations: the ethical importance of protecting the planet for future generations and the clear business advantages of driving growth and fostering innovation. As Actona Group is strictly focused on minimising its environmental impact it has been a natural step for the company to automate and expand its sustainability initiatives by tracking and mitigating its supply chain emissions accurately.

To follow through with this initiative, Actona Group emphasized the need for a robust, solution-oriented approach to streamline data collection and analysis, thus ensuring Actona Groups leadership in environmental stewardship within the competitive landscape of the furniture industry.

“Partnering with Makersite represents a significant step forward in our sustainability journey,” said Jimmi King Mortensen, President and CEO of Actona Group. “Makersite’s platform allows us to track emissions at every step of the design process and helps us make informed, sustainable decisions, showing a clear path to customers and suppliers of our commitment to design and source better products.”

The collaboration with Makersite enables Actona Group to further reinforce their commitment to sustainability leadership through its ambitious three-fold mission:

  1. Foster ecodesign and circularity with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA),
  2. Implement sustainable production methods, including supply chain decarbonization.
  3. Extend the use of recycled materials both within its product line and across its supply chain through responsible procurement practices.

“This partnership has proven to be particularly beneficial for providing Actona Group with access to Makersite’s automated, verified and scalable system for Scope 3 emissions reporting,” said Neil D’Souza, CEO and Founder of Makersite. “Our solution has enabled Actona Group to track emissions right down to each individual purchased part and material.”

About Makersite GmbH 

Makersite is a pioneering Product Lifecycle Intelligence platform that helps product teams to manage product sustainability, supply chain risk, cost, and compliance in real-time, all in one place. We combine manufacturers’ product and supply chain data, held within multiple systems, with our own data foundation made up of 140 material, process and supplier databases to create a digital twin of their products and their supply chain, allowing teams to collaborate more effectively so that they can design, source and manufacture better products up to 50x faster than traditional methods. With a global workforce and a customer base including Microsoft, Schaeffler, Cummins and Vestas, Makersite’s goal is simple: Make better products, faster. To learn more about how we transform the process of deciding what to make, which suppliers to buy from and which material to use from months to minutes, watch our demo here or visit Source smarter, design greener, collaborate faster.

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About Actona Group

Actona Group is an ambitious global furniture partner with three brands: Sits, Flexlux, and Actona. Each brand has its own range and identity, but being part of Actona Group means all brands share the same vision to be the most value-adding global furniture partner.

While being represented all over the world, Actona Group is based in Denmark, and their headquarters, showroom, and one of two European distribution centres are located outside the city of Holstebro. With six upholstery production sites located in Poland, Lithuania, China, and Ukraine. In addition to three brands, they specialize in crafting modern furniture for private furniture brands.

Actona Group
Rasmus Munksgaard Mathiasen
VP Sustainability & Master data
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