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Transforming product lifecycle analysis and supply chain management

Makersite announces strategic partnership with WSP

Stuttgart, 22nd January 2024: Makersite, a Stuttgart-based start-up pioneering a new approach to automated lifecycle analysis and supply chain management, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with WSP, a global leader in professional services. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in utilizing cutting-edge technology and expertise to revolutionize product lifecycle analysis and digital twin technology for manufacturers worldwide.

Makersite’s innovative approach combines data from over 140 material, process, and supplier databases, creating highly accurate digital twins of products and their supply chains. This data foundation, coupled with Makersite’s native applications and API-first architecture, offers manufacturers unprecedented insights into their products and supply chains. The result is a comprehensive understanding of regulatory compliance, environmental impact, supply risk, and production costs – all integrated seamlessly into existing IT infrastructures.

WSP, the global professional services firm known for its excellence in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) consulting and digital solutions, brings a wealth of experience as a system integrator and implementation partner to this partnership. Together with WSP, Makersite aims to deliver solutions that enable product teams to make complex, multi-criteria design decisions 50x faster than traditional methods, as well as enhance product quality and speed to market.

“The partnership with WSP represents a major milestone for Makersite,” said Makersite CEO Neil D’Souza. “By combining our advanced digital twin technology with WSP’s expertise in EHS & ESG consulting, we are setting a new standard in the industry. Our combined efforts will empower manufacturers to make better, faster decisions, transforming the way they manage their product lifecycles and supply chains.”

Daniel Sakrisson, Senior Vice President, Digital Advisory at WSP, added, “We are thrilled to partner with Makersite. Their technology enhances our digital services portfolio, enabling us to offer more options for automated and scalable sustainability and product lifecycle intelligence to our clients. This partnership aligns with our commitment to innovation, sustainability and efficiency, helping our clients achieve their goals in these critical areas.”

The Makersite-WSP partnership is a significant step and a paradigm shift in how manufacturers approach product design and supply chain management, making a significant impact on efficiency, sustainability, and compliance.

About Makersite GmbH

Makersite is a pioneering Product Lifecycle Intelligence platform that helps product teams to manage product sustainability, supply chain risk, cost, and compliance in real-time, all in one place.

We combine manufacturers’ product and supply chain data, held within multiple systems, with our own data foundation made up of 140 material, process and supplier databases to create a digital twin of their products and their supply chain, allowing teams to collaborate more effectively so that they can design, source and manufacture better products up to 50x faster than traditional methods.

With a global workforce and a customer base including Microsoft, Schaeffler, Cummins and Vestas, Makersite’s goal is simple: Make better products, faster.

To learn more about how we transform the process of deciding what to make, which suppliers to buy from and which material to use from months to minutes, watch our demo here or visit

About WSP

As one of the largest professional services firms in the world, WSP exists to future-proof our cities and our environment. It provides strategic advisory, engineering, and design services to clients seeking sustainable solutions in the transportation, infrastructure, environment, building, energy, water, and mining sectors. Its 67,000 trusted professionals are united by the common purpose of creating positive, long-lasting impacts on the communities it serves through a culture of innovation, integrity, and inclusion. In 2022, WSP reported $11.9 B (CAD) in revenue. The Corporation’s shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: WSP).