Supply chain transparency, in days

The challenge of making products is increasingly fast-paced and complicated. More interconnected supply chains are involved in making products than ever before. Sourcing raw materials reliably and as per requirements has never been more challenging. As of today, 90% of substance non-compliances take root in tier 2+ suppliers, yet 65% of companies have no visibility there.

How can you fill these gaps?

To successfully overcome these challenges, companies need to evolve past traditional siloed approaches and turn to new solutions to finally achieve full supply chain transparency.

The digital twin platform

Makersite is a digital twin platform that enables customers to simulate their value chains in real-time. By mapping out their supply chains on the platform, they can gain access to information about their products such as substance, health, environmental, compliance, and supply risks.

Our customers have reported significant benefits using Makersite across various industries, from cosmetics and packaging to construction and electronics: on average, customers can expect up to 8x cost savings for assessing compliance requirements and a 12x cost saving for monitoring changes. Our users can also produce complete regulatory assessments in minutes instead of weeks or months.

How it works

Our solution integrates a data aggregation layer and live applications into a single platform. We connect to a customer’s data infrastructure and extend that data with world-class 3rd party data. Customers can then use integrated applications to analyze this data for restricted substance screening, finding alternative suppliers, chemical grading, lead-time analysis, and much more, etc.

Unlike BI tools, which deliver only analytics, or expert (rational) software that are one-dimensional e.g. for costing or compliance assessments, Makersite solves the dual challenges of integrating different, inhomogeneous data sources, and providing easy to use yet powerful analytical capabilities on that data.

Thanks to our AI-powered importers and APIs, getting started to seeing results only takes 3 easy steps: import, map, and analyze.

  • Create your digital twin: Simply drag and drop your Bills of Materials, supplier material declarations, etc. onto the platform and let Makersite do the rest. Makersite connects your data to Makersite’s database, including over a hundred live data sources to give you a full picture of your product. Regulatory information, supplier data, cost information, etc. are maintained by us so you always have an up-to-date view of your supply chain.

  • Collaborate: Our integrated collaboration tools make it easy to ask colleagues, suppliers, or partners for more information. Data can flow seamlessly and securely, directly into your digital twin thanks to our multi-tenant architecture.

  • Improve: In combination with our risk analysis tools you can evaluate safety, hazard, and compliance risks from your products. Analyze all these aspects simultaneously using multi-criteria decision support functionalities so your design and compliance teams can avoid regrettable substitutions. Include audit processes and substance approvals to your workflows to ensure compliance with internal company standards and easily export results for reporting to external agencies.

Joost Walterbos, Hedgehog Company – “The most integral supply chain tool imaginable, and still with an understandable user experience.”

Successfully achieve full supply chain transparency

A recent study in 2020 stated that companies are increasingly losing confidence in their ability to meet growing regulatory burdens, rating their performance at a mere 5.4/10. Between ever-changing regulations, stricter requirements, and complex supply chains, it can indeed be difficult to make sure that products meet increasingly strict regulatory obligations in target markets.

Companies that still rely on manual or traditional compliance processes are already experiencing difficulties. In order to stay competitive, teams will have to quickly identify hotspots and build an actionable plan for safer products within weeks, not months or years.

From master data management and risk analysis to automatic compliance tracking and built-in supplier collaboration, Makersite can help you get there and achieve full supply chain transparency in days instead of months. If you would like to see how it can work for you, visit our solution page for more details, or contact us for a personalized demonstration!