Forrester Study: How To Transform Product Sustainability Into Performance Initiatives

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Pukka Herbs decreased their packaging GHG emissions by 58%

Learn how Pukka introduced new and improved supplement packaging from sustainably sourced cardboard and wood pulp using Makersite.

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Key Points

Use Case:

Net zero


Sustainability, R&D




  • To reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from product packaging
  • Difficulty in quickly knowing the best choice of alternative packaging to use
  • Traditional LCAs were slow and resource intensive


  • Digital twin of product and the supply chain created live and dynamic visualizations to ‘see the impact’ of Pukka’s choices
  • Continuous modelling of GHG emissions across multiple supply chain and material databases simultaneously increased the speed at which decisions were made.


  • The Makersite platform was used by Pukka to identify a greenhouse gas emission saving of 58% from their new packaging

What you’ll learn

  • How Pukka built a digital twin of their products and supply chain
  • How Pukka compared GHG emissions of different processes
  • How, without the need for experts or consultants, Eleanor and her colleagues in the sustainability team reduced GHG emissions of their packaging by 58%

The Company

Pukka create organic herbal teas & health supplements. Their purpose is to nurture healthier, happier lives through powerful organic plants. They aim to create a business that benefits the health of people, plants and the planet.

A certified B Corp business, Pukka set approved Science-Based Targets in 2018 and is committed to reaching Net Zero by 2030. With an aim to see minimal and sustainable packaging become the norm, Pukka worked with the Makersite platform to reduce the GHG emissions from their packaging.

The Challenge

How Pukka package their herbs and teas is extremely important, both for reducing environmental impact and maintaining product quality. With the added pressure from consumers on how packaging is used, its effects and end-of-life qualities, Pukka are continuously looking for ways to improve how they use suitable packaging for their products.

The Solution

Businesses are falling short when it comes to making meaningful decisions, which impact speed and scale to meet their target.
Using Makersite, Pukka can continuously model the GHG of different approaches to packaging. Because of the data integration enabled by Makersite, the ability to see the GHG emissions across multiple supply chain and material databases simultaneously increased the speed at which decisions were made. Where previously, Pukka would work with external consultancies to do this type of analysis, and typically wait 2-3 months for results, the sustainability team at
Pukka can use Makersite to instantly compare various packaging processes to find the best balance between maintaining product quality and reducing GHG emissions which reduces decision time to 2-3 days.

The Results

In May 2022, Pukka introduced new and improved supplement packaging. Their customers can now buy many of their supplements in specially developed cardboard tubes, with a plant-based cellulose inner bag. The chosen materials are made from sustainably sourced cardboard and wood pulp. The inner bag is certified for industrial composting and the cardboard tube is fully recyclable. It is 67% lighter than their previously used glass jars and outer carton, and the Makersite platform was used by Eleanor and the team to identify a greenhouse gas emission saving of 58%.

Fast and accurate results to unlock deeper analysis

Making better decisions, faster

Our client able to clearly identify the impact of new dyeing techniques on their production according to their target criteria, and make informed decisions on process technology change.

From months to minutes

Our client reduced the time of product performance analyses like LCAs from 5-6 weeks to minutes, giving them the opportunity to make more sustainable decisions, from the design phase.

Fast ownership of the solution

Makersite allowed our client to easily standardize its process and drastically accelerate the product and sustainability teams performance without major disturbance of their workflow.