Product Data Management


Overcome product complexity and make better decisions, faster

The best master data management solution for modern organizations.

Integrate your data

Connect data silos and standardize information for supply chain, sustainability, compliance, cost, and life cycle management.

Support product development processes

Combine PDM and PLM features with the largest reference database to systematically analyze your Bill of Materials for decision support.

Collaborate along the value chain

Share data with customers, partners, and suppliers with advanced version control and security.

Harmonize data instead of systems

Use Dynamic Data Integration™ (DDI) technology to fuse even the most complex information architectures with speed and flexibility, using a graph-based, schema-less data model.

Standardize your product data

Use a ground-breaking declarative approach to standardization and integration of data. Build a harmonized master data repository up to 10x faster than traditional approaches.

Fill gaps in your data

Enrich your data using the largest product reference database in the world. Automatically fill gaps using live data feeds with AI-powered suggestions.

Manage BOM/ BOP/ BOS data

Easily integrate, map and enrich information from CAD, PLM, or ERP to create a single source of product and process data for your organization and feed rich information back into your core operating systems. BOM scrubbing has never been so easy.

Scale with your growing needs

Leverage a multi-tennant API-first 3-tier microservice architecture with a distributed database for limitless scaling for your increasingly complex organization.

Protect your IP while collaborating

Work with absolute peace-of-mind across your value chain using advanced record-level security and data workflows – in the cloud.

Quickly find and analyze information

Use beautiful visualizations, powerful simulation functionalities, enterprise-level rights, and workflow management to effortlessly evaluate financial and non-financial product data simultaneously. All of this from a simple bill of material.

Our Solutions

Simultaneously, from a web browser.


Identify and prevent regulatory risks to your products.


Evaluate should-cost of early designs or changes and find optimizations.


Assess environmental and health impacts of your product’s supply chain.

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