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Discover how fast LCAs and automated compliance assessments can help design better, more profitable products.
Key Points
Use Case:



Sustainability and Compliance



  • Assessing product compliance and calculating associated fees is a resource-consuming process
  • Delayed, approximate and lengthy LCAs
  • Fast and accurate LCA tool 
  • AI-supported engine predicting manufacturing burdens associated with raw material production
  • Full Material Declaration importer 
  • Automatic supplier and material mapping from custom database and global data sources
  • “Spotified” access to live data feeds from thousands of data sources
  • Secure online platform – easy to access and easy to use
  • Up to 8x savings on compliance assessment cost
  • Live LCAs giving results in less than a minute, with a level of accuracy never achieved before
  • Simple results to complex questions like which material to choose, based on their environmental impact, cost, compliance and more
  • Short integration time and fast ownership of the solution
Balancing compliance, sustainability,
and profitability can be hard
Electronics companies are facing tough challenges when it comes to sustainability and compliance. With intricate supply chains and high product complexity, making sure that each component is compliant and the best environmental-friendly compromise across thousands of jurisdictions simply is a nightmare. This put a strain on product cost: fees for poor ecological decisions and non-compliant products can range from 1% up to 8% to product-market cost.
Our client first approached us with a compliance-oriented question: how can they calculate accurately the amount of the “end of life” fees electronics companies have to pay based on the materials they use in their products, batteries, and packaging?
But the focus quickly shifted to a broader picture as they became aware of Makersite capabilities. What if they could use these calculations to drive better, more sustainable decisions, cost-efficient, and compliant decisions, from the design phase of their products? 
Complete compliance and sustainability analyses, in minutes

To help our client answer these questions, Makersite designed a Full Material Declaration (FMD) importer alongside with an AI-supported engine to establish complete supply chain models of the products. This allows to predict manufacturing burdens associated with the use of certain raw material as well as parts used in the production of electronic equipment. Our system connects the Bill of Material (BOM) of a product – a document stating the parts involved in the building of a product, their composition and the amount needed – and the FMD stating the provenance of the parts and their compliance status to create a digital twin of the product. 

Compliance and sustainability teams can then precisely calculate the amounts of fees to pay, access a complete model of the product supply chain, as well as full LCAs with unparalleled accuracy, all of this in minutes instead of months. Designers can now see the cost of their choices dynamically and make changes accordingly with the help of a smart suggestion engine.

This way, key insights are accessible right away, and teams don’t have to wait an eternity to make more sustainable and compliant choices.

Transforming sustainability and compliance into business drivers

Automated compliance assessment

Makersite helped our client to save up to 8x on compliance assessment with minimal effort: all that is needed is to drag and drop a BOM on the platform.

From months to minutes

Our client reduced the time of LCAs analyses from 6 months to minutes while increasing the accuracy, giving them the opportunity to innovate and correct mistakes faster.

Complex questions, simple results

Our platform helps our client answering complex questions such as material choices according to multiple criteria to make the best decision for the broadest range of stakeholders with clear and actionable insights.



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