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Makersite helps a large clothing manufacturer understand the impact of process technology changes on production performance

Discover how to assess the impact of process technology changes on product performance across multiple criteria to make better, more sustainable decisions

Key Points
Use Case:



Sustainability, R&D



  • Difficulty to assess the impact of a change in manufacturing technology 
  • Impossibility to make an informed decision due to a lack of information
  • Process-centered approach 
  • Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis tool to compare alternatives across criteria like cost, environmental footprint, compliance, safety, and more
  • Live and dynamic visualizations to quickly test and review options
  • “Spotified” access to live data feeds from thousands of data sources
  • Secure online platform – easy to access and easy to use
  • Data-backed insights for rapid and informed decision making
  • LCA process time reduced from months to minutes
  • Fast and easy health and risk assessment
  • Fast and reliable analyses with over 90% accuracy
  • Short integration time and fast ownership of the solution
Understanding the impact of changes in process technology is crucial

Manufacturing technologies constantly evolve. Whether it is the discovery of new types of material, finishing, or processes, textile companies are exposed to a lot of disruptions. However, a change in process technology can have deep repercussions on product performance. It can be hard to keep innovating while maintaining or improving product quality, especially in such a complex framework.

Our client, a large international clothing manufacturer, wanted to implement a new dieying process but couldnt figure out which technology was the right one to choose. This is why they approached us to develop a tool to help them assess the potential impact of new technologies on their product performance and support their decision making. They wanted to be able to take several things into account in their analyses, such as water acidification and carbon emission, but also cost and chemical risks. 

Analyse changes in process technology in seconds, from a BOM

Makersite uses a fundamentally different approach to product performance analysis. We connect thousand of reference data sources to analyse products in depth across multiple criteria, in  seconds.

Makersite starts with a Bill Of Materials (BOM), the document that reflects the unique structure of any manufactured product. After importing the BOM on the platform with a simple drag and drop, the document is decomposed, and each “leaf” of the document is mapped to live data feeds from thousand of data sources worldwide.

The system then creates a digital copy of the product based on its structure, manufacturing process as well as its raw materials. From there, different versions of the product can be created on the platform to easily compare the impact of various changes at any point of the value chain.

Our material data includes full supply chains models, health and risk, environmental impacts, cost information and compliance. This bundled data allows our customer to not only do energy efficiency and environmental impact comparisons but also provided a 360-degrees insight into the effects of a technology change on cost and compliance.


“The product knowledge Makersite provided in their software platform and its analysis capabilities allowed us to assess the technology and the change in our value chain from sustainability, compliance and costs aspects in a way we thought is not possible today.”  – R&D Director

Fast and accurate results to unlock deeper analysis
Making better decisions, faster

Our client able to clearly identify the impact of new dyeing techniques on their production according to their target criteria, and make informed decisions on process technology change.

From months to minutes

Our client reduced the time of product performance analyses like LCAs from 5-6 weeks to minutes, giving them the opportunity to make more sustainable decisions, from the design phase.

Fast ownership of the solution

Makersite allowed our client to easily standardize its process and drastically accelerate the product and sustainability teams performance without major disturbance of their workflow.



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