Wolters Kluwer Enablon and Makersite announce strategic collaboration:

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Makersite to contribute to the future of packaging design

Makersite has won funding from the prestigious Eurostars programme to develop OptiPack – the world’s most advanced packaging optimization application.


AI and graph technology to support better decisions

Our goal is to help companies make better decisions regarding their packaging to reduce waste and associated environmental impacts while being cost-effective and compliant. In partnership with True, a leader in the packaging design space, we will use live data and artificial intelligence (AI) to propose better material and sourcing options and quantify the resulting life-cycle improvements. Powered by Makersite’s pioneering platform, the tool will be easy to use for packaging designers and procurement staff in both small and large companies.

The future of packaging design

As shown by a number of recent announcements, many high profile brands are committing to solve environmental sustainability challenges linked to their packaging solutions. Packaging waste has grown steadily in the EU, while recycling is lagging far behind. Practices differ greatly from country to country. With only 30% of plastic packaging being recycled, the EU is in a desperate search for a sustainable circular economy. OptiPack will play an important role by increasing the utilization of current recycling and reprocessing infrastructure by enabling customers to optimize designs for their intended markets.

About us

Makersite GmbH is a software and data technology start-up established in September 2018 in Munich, Germany. Makersite’s award-winning platform is the world’s most advanced SaaS suite for industrial product management. It helps manufacturing companies manage product data across their business and supports decision-making through integrated views of a product’s financial and non-financial performance metrics. This helps them develop more compliant, safer, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly products, an order of magnitude faster than current systems and approaches.


The Eurostar programme

The Eurostar programme is a selective funding and support program that aims to help R&D-performing SMEs to benefit from international collaboration. Thanks to a highly-competitive selection process conducted by a panel of international research and business experts, the Eurostars programme makes sure to support only the best business ideas and most innovative startups since 2007.

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